9 Stupid Things Real Candidates Said in Interviews

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Candidate gives silly answer in interview
Candidate gives silly answer in interview

I've conducted over 10,000 interviews in my career. Most were good to excellent interviews. Yet there are a few memorably stupid things that candidates have said to me as they sat there in the interview (and no, none of these candidates got the job):

  1. My career as a software engineer was abruptly interrupted by prison.
    He went on to describe his crime: sexually assaulting a female co-worker in the company parking lot.
  2. My wife thinks I've been too negative in my interviews, so she came along today.
    Yep, there she was. The only two-person interview of my career.
  3. The Russians have been secretly sending microwaves that straighten my hair.
    Alright. She went on to explain how she single-handedly came up with the idea that solved the cold war, an idea which was stolen from her by President Reagan.
  4. I have a drinking problem, but I'm pretty sure I'm over it now.
    He went on to tell me about how his drinking had recently landed him in prison, but he was out now on work release.
  5. Sorry about that…
    …as he realizes that he just spit food in our lunch interview. Actually, he did it several times. But the last food projectile landed on my forehead and he saw it. He dunked his napkin in his water, then reached across the table to wipe the food off my forehead.
  6. I have an anger management problem, but I'm really, really, REALLY trying to get over it.
    As he gets more and more worked up in the interview, I begin to wish he wasn't sitting between me and the door.
  7. Well, I got caught cheating on an exam, so I had to switch schools, which is why it took me an extra year to graduate. I was actually really good at cheating, I just didn't think I would get caught.
    The next step in our interview process is a technical exam.
  8. Do you mind if I eat my lunch?
    I told him to go ahead. He proceeded to pull out a bag of food and ate his lunch on the edge of my desk.
  9. Is it hot in here?
    Nope, it was nicely air conditioned. But he was sweating up a storm, sweat literally dripping off of his face and had soaked through his clothes. And then he started rocking his chair and banged his head against the wall.

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